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What is porting?
Porting your telephone number in the same telephone exchange location allows the customer to change to Miracom (competitive telecommunication carrier) and retain their existing telephone number without impairment of quality or reliability.

What does it mean?
Porting means that customers can change from their existing telephone service provider to Miracom without having to change their telephone number.

Who should we contact if we want to port our telephone numbers to Miracom?
You should contact the sales department of Miracom to decide on a plan that suits your needs. Miracom will ask you to sign off on all necessary paperwork and attach a copy of your current telephone bill which will confirm the correct business name and address as it appears in the other carrier's database. This should aid in making the porting process go smoothly. Miracom will then start the porting process for you by sending a porting request to you current telephone carrier. Once a valid porting request has been made, the old carrier cannot refuse to port a number.

Are carriers allowed to charge for number porting, and, if so, how much can the charges be?
Miracom is are allowed to recover their costs of implementing porting of existing telephone numbers. Miracom may recover their costs either by including line-item fees for Local Number Portability (“LNP”) on their customers' monthly bills or by raising the monthly rate.

Clients should also be aware that their existing carrier may charge them porting away fees that are their responsibility to pay. Miracom is not responsible for this payment.

Can different carriers charge different amounts?
Yes, because different carriers have varying costs of operating due to numerous economic factors.

If a consumer has a long-term contract with a carrier, is that consumer still obligated to pay an early termination fee even if he/she ports the phone number to a new carrier?
Yes. While consumers who wish to switch carriers may request service from and port numbers to a new carrier at any time, they are still obligated to pay any early termination fees they may have under an existing contract, and they are obligated to pay any outstanding balance owed to the old carrier.

Consumers interested in switching providers should review their existing contract to determine what fees or charges would apply.

However, once a consumer has requested service from a new carrier, the old carrier may not delay or refuse to port a number even if that individual owes money for an outstanding balance or termination fee.

How long will the porting process take?
Consumers porting existing numbers to Miracom can expect the provisioning to take 25 or more business working days. If you are connecting new lines then the provisioning time is shortened to between 12 - 25 working days.

Will all my telephone features work?
Consumers are advised that the following features are not supported for porting or use with the Miracom Network:

1. Fax Duet
2. Securitel Security Alarms (with tonal pulsing of the line)
3. Telstra 101 messaging service

Can I trial the service to make sure the service works for me?
Miracom Telecommunications only services business customers on a 12 or 24 month contract only. We do not operate trial services.

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