The facts about miracom

Fact 1
We’re independent.

We’re a 100% Australian company providing phone and data services. But we’re not just an internet service provider adding voice over the Internet to your data connection. We’re a telecommunications company using better and more reliable technology to provide you with everything from broadband internet services to local and long distance calls. For 14 years our network has been delivering faster, more reliable connections and that’s why we’ve decided to offer it to you!
Fact 4
We’re different.

We’re friendly, experienced AND use technology that works. And it’s our Mirateam who make it happen. We’ve got people with real knowledge and commitment. We promise you’ll always be able to talk to us direct and we’ll answer your calls, emails and letters.
Fact 2
We’re cheaper.

You’ll save on your landline call costs without spending anything on new equipment. You can have multiple lines without any fuss. As we have existing buying power we can usually offer you an extremely competitive price. And we’ll save you time as well as money and paper because your landlines and data all get billed together. We’ll even email your bill if you want.
Fact 5
We have the technology.

And the Mirabox™. It’s our way of keeping it simple. The Mirabox™ is a small device that integrates with your existing set-up to give you better, cheaper and faster communication across the line. The Mirabox™ is simple to install so you get connected - well, fast.
Fact 3
We’re fast and reliable.

We use high speed broadband for really fast service – in fact, our upload is usually as fast as our download. It’s also more reliable than other types of broadband. That’s why we offer a service guarantee. Our voice service uses proven technology so you can rely on us for clear, hassle-free and secure communication. Always.
Fact 6
We have what you need.

Some people call these the add-ons. But they’re the little things that really make a difference to your business. Call features such as call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling, barring and other special features are easy to add to your Miraplan, just tell us what you want and we’ll sort it out for you. On almost all occasions it’s the same as what you have now but at a better price.

And some stuff you need to know

Carrier grade network
This is the technology we use to provide our service to you. It’s a digital voice product that runs through the Mirabox™, efficiently combining voice and data lines into one system. The Mirabox™ gives you multiple lines without tying you up in uneccessary line rentals, cords and other connections.

Performance guarantee
We guarantee our reliability. Something few other telecommunications companies do.

Number portability
When you switch to Miracom the only things that change are the service, the quality and the cost! Your numbers stay the same.

If you need help with anything or just have a question about Miracom, you can contact us at any time.


Talk to us on 1300 455 266 or email us at

You can ask us anything you like but we’re really good at answering questions about Miracom.

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